Friends of InterSpiritual Dialogue in Action

CALVIN CHATLOS (humanist and psychiatrist, developer of "The Human Faith Project" a method of comprehending presence and awakened awareness in a secular context and living the ethical imperative of attributing worth and dignity to all persons and things).

KEN COHEN (author of Honoring the Medicine; noted authority on spirituality and healing modalities ranging from Taoist to indigenous traditions; founder of Sacred Earth Circle.  His website is

JOYCE LIECHENSTEIN (a founder and staff member of One Spirit Interfaith learning alliance and seminary in New York City, Dr. Liechenstein first worked with ISD at the 2004 Parliament of the World's Religions).

KE KUMU AUPUNI IWI'ULA (Hawaiian tradition lineage bearer; Aupuni teaches the most ancient traditions of the islands and is widely revered for his knowledge of traditional Hawaiian spirituality and its original healing modalities).  His website is

LAMA SURYA DAS (United States Tibetan Buddhist leader and author of Awakening the Buddha Within, Awakening the Buddha Heart, etc.; see information (with illustrations) at both;

LUCIEN STRYK (scholar of Buddhism, translator of Zen writings and poetry, poet and anthologist; author of The World of the Buddha, The Awakened Self: Encounters with Zen, and may other books on Buddhism and Zen; see resource page (with illustrations) HERE and special feature at

MANOLO CETINA (Toltec practitioner and teacher; after working with The Art of Living Purposefully foundation for many years, Manolo founded "Natura Connection" on which information (and illustrations) are found at

BARBARA CUSHING:  Barbara Cushing, Director of Grantmaking, Kalliopeia Foundation; the foundation seeks ways to support and participate with the emerging “global consciousness of oneness” that is finding expression in many avenues of life in these times.  Barbara works with others at Kalliopeia Foundation to discover the most effective means of supporting and broadening the reach of this work. “Interspiritual Dialogue” brings us all a step closer to that heart-centered awareness that we are all one.

DIANE DUNN: Diane Dunn is an initiate in the Andean (Inka) spiritual/healing tradition as well as an ordained Christian minister from NYC. She worked for nine years developing a church-based community outreach program for homeless and unemployed people in downtown Johannesburg, South Africa. She now lives in Peru where she continues her training as a healer in the Andean tradition and is Director of Development for the Centro Espiritual Universal Inkari. In addition to giving talks and organizing workshops, she leads mystical tours in Cusco's Sacred Valley and runs a Bed and Breakfast there.

ESTARA:  Estara is an international teacher and performer of Sacred Dance, Sound Healing, Yogic Breath and Movement, and Shamanic Spiritual Practices.  She gives presentations at conferences on Vibrational Healing and leads trainings and women's retreats on how to activate and embody the Divine Feminine.

MARTHA FOSTER (founder of Living Earth Television- -  and close colleague of Bro. Wayne, Martha first worked with ISD at the 2004 Parliament of the World's Religions).

MARTHA GALLAHUE (trans-traditional practitioner and psychologist, represents ISD's sponsor NGO, the National Service Conference of the American Ethical Union, at the UN and serves on the NSC and AEU national boards, and 

PHILIP GOLDBERG:  Philip Goldberg is a spiritual counselor, meditation teacher and ordained interfaith minister in Los Angeles.  The Director of the Forge Guild of Spiritual Leaders, he is the author of 17 books, most recently Making Peace with God and Roadsigns: Navigating Your Path to Spiritual,

MICHAEL JOHNSON: Michael Johnson is a United Nations Representative for a non-governmental organization (NGO) named Pathways to Peace, and member of the United Nations Spiritual Caucus Council.  He works closely with the UN International Day of Peace and also with the worldwide sangha of Ammachi.  He is an advocate for peace and serves by inspiring people to take effective peaceful actions on a variety of social, spiritual and environmental issues through his writing, personal coaching, public speaking, documentaries and organized community events. He maintains a private practice as a personal and business coach.

LOCH KELLY:  Loch Kelly ( is a spiritual teacher and nondual psychotherapist who works across the traditions of Zen-Advaita (where he teaches in the teaching lineage of Adyashanti), Advaita, Dzogchen (wherein he has been asked to teach by Mingyur Rinpoche) and Vipassana.  He leads evening and weekend “Inquiry” gatherings and retreats and works closely with Adyashanti’s international community and the community of spiritual teachers in New York City.

MAXIM KRAMER:  Max Kramer Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist whose work centers on providing mental health services to multicultural populations in and around New York City.  During the past 30 years, he has studied and engaged in the practice of Eastern spiritual teachings (from Advaita to Zen), Western mystical traditions, and shamanism.

MATT MITLER (trans-traditional practitioner and founder of Theatre Group Dzieci (  Dzieci (meaning "Children" in Polish) has correographed ISD ceremonial events for The International Day of Peace and the Parliament of the World's Religions).

OSCAR MIRO-QUESADA (Peruvian shaman, healer and writer/lecturer on shamanism; founder of The Heart of the Healer Foundation (HHF); see information (with illustrations) at and contact HHF at

RAMANA MAHARSHI's LINEAGE (this group of Friends elected to cluster as a group honoring Ramana Maharshi); (alphabetical) Annette, Catherine Ingram, Dasarath, Francie Halderman, Loch Kelly, Neelam, Pamela Wilson, and Stuart Schwartz [Sat Prem]) (teachers and authors in the Advaita tradition; see Emerging Spiritual Teachers,Teachers of One and The Translucent Revolution.  See also, for Ramana, Talks with Ramana Maharshi and other historical books. For websites see: Ramana Maharshi, (which will key to his major initial successors Papaji and Robert Adams), Catherine Ingram,; Dasarath,; Annette, see resource page HERE and; Francie Halderman, Neelam,; Stuart Schwartz; Pamela Wilson,, all with illustrations. Kurt Johnson of the ISD Service Council also works from this tradition; his website is; Loch Kelly also works in the traditions of Dzogchen and Zen-satang; information on his ministry is available at

REGIS LLERENA (Andean priest, healer, teacher and co-founder, with fellow shaman Sergio Kostritsky, of the Centro Espiritual Universal Inkari in Cusco, Peru; see resource page HERE).

NICKOLAI PARKER:  Nickolai Parker currently works within the Secretariat of the United Nations in the Department of Political Affairs; he is a regular Co-Chair of the International Day Committee and was formerly well known for his work with World Peace Prayer Society . 

NANCY ROOF:  Nancy Roof is Founder | Editor of Kosmos Journal: An Integral Approach to global Awakening. Kosmos is an outgrowth of a lifetime devoted to developing an integral approach to individual, collective and global transformation.  She co-founded the Values Caucus and later the Spiritual Caucus at the United Nations and is committed to interior preparation and development of skill in action to shape a sustainable and compassionate emerging planetary civilization.

RICHARD SCHIFFMAN. Richard Schiffman is a spiritual writer and journalist who lived in India for five years and currently resides on the Upper Westside.  He is best known for his books Ramakrishna, Prophet for a New Age and Mother of All, a biography of the Jillellamudi Mother, with whom Richard lived and studied. He loves nature, practices Zazen, and is currently working on a book on the uses and abuses of religious language. He can be contacted at:

MICHAEL STONE: Michael R. Stone, is an original co-founder of ISD and a shamanic practitioner, particularly in the Toltec tradition who is now in Australia.  He is currently Director, Operations & Client Relations Holistic Services Group (Aust),

ROBERT TRABOLD (A practiotioner in the tradition of John of the Cross and Teresa of Avila, Bob is a founding member of ISD and serves as moderator of ISD's frequent "Quiet Get-Togethers", a time for sharing silence, presence and quiet dialogue.  See section on Bob and the Quiet Get-Togethers in the Calendar Section of this website).

NEILL WALKER: Neill Walker, Principal Founder of the EICWS (Edinburgh Institute and Center for World Spirituality), and Co-Director of the annual Middle East Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland. Under the auspices of the EICWS, we organise upwards of 150 spiritual events annually in Scotland, and also participate in carefully selected international gatherings which value the wisdom of the world's great spiritual traditions. We also seek to attract significant spiritual gatherings to Scotland, as partnership events.

WILLARU HUAYTA (Inca messenger who travels widely in North and South America teaching the traditional shamanism of the Incas and speaking its prophecies; for information see and other sites linked there).

DIANE WILLIAMS:  Diane Williams, Chairperson, NGO Committee on Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns (NY) a committee of the conference of NGOs in consultative relationship with the United Nations; Co-Chair, CSVGC, Spiritual Council for Global Challenges.

Special Historical Notes and Thanks:  The original "Founding Counselors" of ISD included Wayne Teasdale, Oscar Miro-Quesada, Lama Surya Das, Lucien Stryk, Dasarath, Stuart Schwartz, Pamela Wilson, Annette, Catherine Ingram, Neelam, Lucien Stryk, Willaru Huayta, Regis Llerena, Aupuni, Joseph Gelberman, Ken Cohen, and Calvin Chatlos.

ISDnA also thanks the original “Service Councils” of InterSpiritual Dialogue which did the ongoing work of ISD from 2002-2005.   Dorothy Cunha, Tom Downes, Lisa Lerner, Kurt Johnson, Matt Mitler, Celia Macedo, Michael Stone, Alan Steinfeld, Robert Trabold and Martha Gallahue.

We also acknowledge and thank the long term relationship of ISD with CENTRO ESPIRITUAL UNIVERSAL INKARI in the Sacred Valley in Cusco, Peru and their regular Peru gatherings in association with ISDnA. Contact

Courtyard of ISDnA's friends in the Sacred Valley, Cusco, Peru and nearby sacred sites.

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