ISDnA Initiatives

Common Ground

Common Ground is the signature workshop of The Crossings retreat center near Austin, Texas. Each year we seek to deepen our inter-spiritual experience with the common ground we create.

Infinite Sensitivity

Infinite Sensitivity is the ISDnA newsletter.


Nurturing Light Circles, Focus Groups and other naturally forming gatherings comprising the “authentic friendships” Bro. Wayne predicted would drive interspiritual dialogue and transformative work are a priority of the ISDnA network. We welcome all circles of similar intent as parts of our network and look forward not only to hearing from you but receiving your creative input into this phenomenon of “Circles” and how we can link in mutual support and shared endeavor.

The Forum

ISDnA-Forum facilitates interactive discussion/dialogue between ISDnA members. We support each other in our commitment to actively serve in the evolution of human consciousness and global transformation through interspiritual dialogue and action.

Further Elucidation of the Vision of Brother Wayne

ISDnA is happy to announce its new Bro. Wayne-based education program in partnership with New York's One Spirit Learning Alliance and Interfaith Seminary. For information on this new program see here.

The Universal Order of Sannyasa

As noted at our home page, Bro. Wayne, in The Mystic Heart, envisioned a "Universal Order of Sannyasa" to further interspirituality and interspiritual work worldwide. Genesis of the ISDnA network has been part of the unfolding of Bro. Wayne's vision and ISDnA remains committed to further exploration of Bro. Wayne's intent regarding the Universal Order and how it might be effectuated as a further bulwark in efforts to promulagate this message. Since ISDnA's webmaster will be overseas on special assignment for sometime, for updates see the ISDnA section at (section 2 "ISDnA Initiatives, Newsletter and Forum), particularly Kurt Johnson, Thomas Downes, Gorakh Hayashi and others in the ISDnA network are spearheading this continued interest in Bro. Wayne's envisioned Order.

Schools of Awakening

Bro. Wayne, in a chapter in The Mystic Heart concerning forms and structures to support transformation, spoke of the arising of "schools" where the deepest understanding of interspirituality, awakening and Oneness could be explored. Loch Kelly, a Friend of ISD, and long time associate of the ISDnA Organizer Group, has been envisioning such a school in the context of his Natural Wakefulness Center. As part of its commitment to "Circles", ISDnA is unconditionally supportive of this, and other such ideas; further information and developments regarding Loch's vision in this area of transformation will be regularly available at

Creative Partnering

In the spirit of Brother Wayne’s open-ended vision of interspirituality and interspiritual dialogue, ISDnA welcomes community, co-working, and partnership with other networks and groups of similar direction. For updates see the ISDnA section at (section 2 "ISDnA Initiatives, Newsletter and Forum), particularly Or, please contact us about this so that we can discuss creative modalities for mutual support and synergetic work.