Infinite Sensitivity: The Newsletter of ISDnA

The name of our newsletter — INFINITE SENSITIVITY — is inspired by one of Brother Wayne Teasdale’s key statements about his own vision of God: "God is infinite sensitivity". It is by infinite sensitivity that we can reach across current gaps within the enormously rich variety of spiritual experiences and teachings, in both duality and non-duality, that characterize our lives and world. Honoring them all may help humanity to proceed to transformation and find peace in an overall awareness of One.

Purpose and Values of INFINITE SENSITIVITY ("IS")

  1. IS invites and offers contributions from all fields of spiritual experience, healing, and teaching from individual perspectives. Everyone is invited to share, from the heart, personal or group queries, insights, awakenings and “dark nights of the soul”, as well as highlights and summaries of new projects and initiatives.  As our cooperation is based on self-selection, we favor articles from a personal ground, less so articles by persons represented as „officials“ of this or that tradition, organization, or group of followers. We try to share on a basis of equanimity.
  2. IS aims at eliciting depth and mutual understanding. We wish to expand our awareness to all paths of spiritual every-day life. We honor the experience of resonance through beauty in nature and art, compassion and cooperation, vulnerability and joy, stillness and celebration, as an essential gift for humanity. All contributions to this part of the newsletter are especially welcome: photos, works of art, poems, short stories, etc.
  3. IS mirrors the major activities within our ISDnA network. It is, therefore, a platform for information and networking among circles, focus-groups, satsang-groups, service- and action-projects, and innovative ideas. Relying on the innate wisdom of all beings and groups, we encourage forthcoming initiatives and events as an expression of our shared natural intelligence.
  4. IS also welcomes contributions about global balance. This includes topics on indigenous peoples and their shamanic practices, both in traditional and newly created settings as well as attention to matters of justice and suffering where the spiritual voice can work for transformative change. We focus on resonance within the universe and mother earth, as in the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine, gaia, and cosmology, all with a loving eye.

Newsletter Issues

Issue 4: Fall/Winter 2006

Issue 3: Summer 2006

Issue 2: Spring 2006

Issue 1: January - February, 2006

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