The ISDnA Forum

ISDnA-Forum draws men and women from all spiritual paths and facilitates interactive discussion and dialogue between members of ISDnA. We support each other in our commitment to actively serve in the evolution of human consciousness and global transformation through our interspiritual dialogue and action.

Building bonds and establishing high levels of trust through online community requires that we maintain privacy and confidentiality. Yahoo provides a privacy-protected and spam-protected environment. We do not publicly list ISDnA-Forum in the Yahoo Groups Directory. Also, ISDnA-Forum is non-anonymous; so we ask every member who joins to participate in that spirit of trust by sharing a real name. The member list at the site also shows your email address but only members are allowed to view.

Connecting at this deep level in an age of networked computers gives birth to a new kind of human community. Since we can seldom gather in the same place at the same time, we gather in a virtual meeting space implemented on the Internet via Yahoo Groups. This permits us to interact with each other when and as time permits.

Members may read their messages from Yahoo Groups from any computer that is online with the Internet simply by signing in to the group address. Each message and reply is automatically sent to every member. It is necessary, however to have a Yahoo ID to be able to access the site and read messages, files, or view photos that may be posted there by members. Yahoo! IDs can be created free of charge at the Yahoo site Email may also be sent to your own computer’s email client or to another web based email site.

To join our Forum, please send a blank email to:

or go to our ISDnA-Forum site and click “Join this Group.”

For further questions feel free to email the moderator at: