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InterSpiritual Multiplex

As of 2010, expanded, with a number of partners, to become the interactive "InterSpiritual Multiplex", a virtual space for exploration, inquiry and dialogue about the unfolding of InterSpirituality worldwide and the universal movement toward "world shift".

Movie Trailer

See members of in the Trailer for the new film "Rooted in Peace". Rooted in Peace is a new Greg Reitman film (Director of the Sundance award-winning film Fuel). Watch the trailer below, or visit their website.

New Publication

Read Gorakh Hayashi and Kurt Johnson's recent piece on the InterSpiritual Vision of Brother Wayne in Vision in Action (edited by Yasuhiko Kimura). See The Heart of Brother Wayne Teasdale's Vision of the Interspiritual Age, which can be found near the bottom of the page.

ISDnA joins with The Aspen Grove

ISDnA has joined in the last two years with The Aspen Grove ( to effect Bro. Wayne's vision of regularly bringing people together in long-term quiet meditative space to explore the unfolding of collective consciousness into engaged transformative action. Members of ISDnA and Aspen Grove have attended three such gathering at The Lifebridge Sanctuary in New York and the recent international "Spiritual Summit" in Aspen, Colorado, November 2008 (see In addition, ISDnA joined with Auroville community, India and the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in producing two gatherings in 2009 on SuperMind and the unfolding of collective consciousness and action.

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