The Nondual Dinner of Friends in the Tradition of Francis Lucille and Jean Klein

Greg Goode, as pictured on his website

Greg Goode ( is a philosophical counselor and facilitator of non-dual inquiry in New York City. With a PhD in western philosophy, Greg is an associate of European nondual teachers Francis Lucille and Jean Klein. Greg and his friends in this tradition host a rich monthly circle which has come to be known as the “nondual dinner”. Friends gather over a meal and share deeply about matters “on the path”. The typical invitation is below:

“You are invited to an ongoing gathering started by Greg Goode, continuing the loving tradition begun by Jean Klein and Francis Lucille in Europe a few decades ago: food, friendship and engaging conversation! It's lately come to be known as the Nondual Dinner.”

Greg is preparing a section on circles at their website where he will post a number of the wonderful things he has shared with our circles about groups and modalities of sharing. Continue to watch for the nondual dinner and their insights on circles.