Matt Mitler on Circles. . .and Arts as a Modality

Matt Mitler ( is a co-founder, with Bro. Wayne and the core group in New York, of InterSpiritual Dialogue. He met Wayne, and also Russill Paul (the “Yoga of Sound”), on several occasions during the genesis period of ISD. Matt is Director of Theatre Group Dzieci (“Children” in Polish) which as a Cooperating Partner with ISDnA. Dzieci accompanied ISD to the Parliament of the World Religions in 2004 where, among other things, it performed its signature piece—“Fools’ Mass” (see photo below). Dzieci also annually correographs ISD’s “InterSpiritual Ceremony for Peace” on the UN’s International Day of Peace.

Theatre Group Dziezi and “Fool’s Mass”. Matt is in front, right.

“In Dzieci, theatre serves as a vehicle for transformation, but theatre is not our aim. Our aim is to work on ourselves. Such a process is fraught with pitfalls for any single individual. For Dzieci, ascent has only been possible through the cumulative efforts of each member in our community.

This collective endeavor does not preclude conflict and struggle, but we have found a few guidelines to help keep us in balance.

If there is a way to do something more humanely, more organically, or more adventurously, we make every effort to do so. We utilize oral transmission for learning music and text. We begin and end performances, workshops, hospital visits, and rehearsals in silence. We return to silence often. We do not seek applause. We share meals. We join in work and prayer with sacred communities. We lead, non-verbally, through action and gesture. We work on strengthening our attention. We expose our fears. And we do all of this as a group, challenging each other every step of the way.

With Dzieci, performance ultimately becomes an act of purification. We have made a commitment to each other, and to this vocation, which after nine years of perseverance, continues to unfold endless mysteries.”