Stuart Schwartz on Circles as Supplement to Traditional Satsang

Stuart Schwartz ( is a Friend and Founding Counselor of InterSpiritual Dialogue. A teacher in Advaita in the lineage of Ramana Maharshi and Robert Adams, along with traditional satsang teaching, Stuart has long been hosting small circles of friends and students at his home and in places as varied as restaurants and hiking trails.

Stuart, seated (left/rear), with sangha friends on a hike on the sacred mountain of Ramana Maharshi in India: Arunachala

I have always found that small groups of people form an intimate bond of ease and reveal beautiful experiences of truth and a depth of honestly not always revealed in large meetings.

People hear that their nature is freedom and may experience this in the Silence, but they don't always know this as their reality. There appears to be an on going quest
of discovery of truth through the persons understanding of themselves.

It is this understanding of themselves that I like to focus on. Everything is filtered through a persons beliefs and what is seen as the truth of how this world operates. You could call these ones core beliefs. These early perceptions distort and flavor everything. It can be miraculous to meet that which has been held for a lifetime and watch is dissolve in the presence of being.